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DeKalb County Rural Public Transportation

Transportation has been and continues to be the number one need of older people in DeKalb County. The Council on Aging provides daily scheduled trips to seven nutrition centers. Other services provided are shopping, medical and pharmacy trips, and payment of bills. Social and recreational trips are enjoyed also. Excursions to local points of interest provide educational experiences as well as social outings. Transportation is funded through the Section 5311 Rural Public Transportation Program. Therefore, many seniors can take advantage of the other services provided to the general public such as demand/response trips, wheelchair accessibility, and a more comprehensive public transportation system. DeKalb County Rural Public Transportation provides transportation to the general public.

For more information, call DeKalb County Rural Public Transportation at: (256) 845-8593.

Nutrition Centers

The nutrition program in DeKalb County started in 1973. Seven nutrition centers provide socialization and hot meals to seniors daily. Information is obtained from the educational programs in the areas of nutrition, social services, health, financial, wellness, and legal. Recreational activities are enjoyed such as cards, bingo, bowling, exercise equipment, quilting, crafts, and others. Many centers sponsor overnight trips. Food, fellowship, and fun are the main elements of the centers.

Every participant is given an opportunity to make a donation for these low-cost meals.

For more information concerning local nutrition centers, call the following numbers:

Fort Payne

Home Delivered Meals

This program is a means of keeping the home bound elderly independent enough to remain in their own homes. A limited number of meals are available for home delivery. Volunteers deliver well-balanced noontime meals, for those who are unable to prepare meals for themselves, and whose relatives or friends are unable to assist them. A home visit by the Nutrition Coordinator and the Center Manager is necessary to evaluate the situation.

For more information, please call (256) 845-8590.

Senior Center

The Fort Payne/ DeKalb County Senior Center serves as the focal point for all activities for senior citizens in DeKalb County. The center provides activities which enhance the senior’s dignity, support independence, and encourage involvement in and with the community. The program consist of a variety of services in such areas as education, creative arts, recreation, advocacy, employment, health, wellness nutrition, volunteerism, and other supportive services. The center also serves as a community resource for information on aging, and for developing new approaches to aging programs.

Foundation for Aging, Inc.

The DeKalb Foundation for Aging, Inc. was founded on January 4, 1987. The corporation was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, specifically to aid and assist the programs offered to elderly citizens of DeKalb County through the DeKalb County Council on Aging. These programs include transportation, home care and assistance and nutrition program. Funds are used for support of aging programs and activities such as the Senior Prom, Masters Games and others that are not required by the Older Americans Act. The Foundation is proud to be a part of the Fort Payne community.